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Is Rhinoplasty a Viable Option for You?

Too wide, too thin? Do you have a “hunchback” nose? With approximately 100,000 operations annually, rhinoplasty interventions rank fifth place in all aesthetic operations. In fact, Cosmetic Surgery in 2015 will reach an all-time high according to experts. Developed by an Austrian doctor more than a century ago, surgical nose reshaping has evolved in recent years. These days, a client is told and shown what their nose will look like before going through with the procedure.

What does rhinoplasty consist of?

This technique is about refining, straightening or correcting a drooping, wide or small nose. The first step is to determine which surgeon will do the procedure. Previously, doctors, limited by technology, often gave the same type nose to everyone. Many would have to see multiple surgeons before they achieved optimal results. Now your local Plastic surgeon Tampa Florida will give you confidence in the procedure because of pre-surgical 3-D technology.

What happens during the procedure?

The surgeon photographs you and your nose from all angles, including the inside. Morphing gives you a good idea of what is possible: the shape is simulated 2D or 3D software. The practitioner will explain the operation, which takes place mostly under general anesthesia. He or she can choose to reshape the nose by cutting through the nostrils or with open surgery, leaving a small scar at the base of the nose. In some rare cases, a chin correction may be necessary. Do not hesitate to get a second opinion. Allow fifteen days for post-surgery wounds and swelling to heal.

Is ultrasonic rhinoplasty better?

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is more accurate, reducing the risk of breaking the bone in the wrong place when needed. Additionally, as it does not affect the skin or its vessels, the scars are shorter. The downside is that the procedure takes longer and is more expensive. Until further notice, traditional rhinoplasty remains the gold standard.

Is this procedure risky?

Yes, if you have not carefully weighed your decision, it can be a life-altering one. However, you may not like your new nose even if it were technically successful. People do not want the ideal nose described in textbooks - they want one that matches their taste. Your nose is the first focus area for most people. Make sure your surgeon analyzes the different nasal structures and take into account the quality and thickness of the skin as healing plays a major role in the final result.

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